Drop That

Drop That – Jacob Plant


I have been trying out Stitchfix these past few months and my official statement? I LOVE IT! It’s so personal and they send incredible and unique pieces.

If you don’t know what stitchfix is, check them out here. When you sign up, you fill out a lengthy (but important) style survey about your sizes, likes, and style. Stitchfix will send you a box of 5 items (depending on what you want to see these can be pants, shirts, sweaters, shoes, accessories, etc.) You can choose to have boxes shipped every month, every other month, every 3 months, etc. Each time you are styled it is a $20 dollar fee, that can be used in purchasing one of your items. I always love at least one of my items!

You may attach a note about what you would like to see. Once I got a bridesmaid dress through Stitchfix. I asked them to help me find a navy blue dress, since my friend asked us to all find our own dresses and gave us only a few guidelines. I didn’t have to do any work!

Here is a picture;

Screen Shot 2015-12-26 at 5.10.05 PM

Katy Davis Photography

Today I wore a stitchfix shirt and wanted to share about it. I love wearing black on black, therefore my outfit consisted on a unique black shirt with funky sleeves, black Calvin Klein jeans, and my high black boots from Target. I put a bold spike statement necklace with it to pull it all together.



I love keeping pieces in my closet that I can quick grab when I’m in a hurry and go with anything. I keep pieces that I love to wear almost anytime and any occasion. I typically pick clothes that I can wear casually and to work.

To check out my Posh Mark closet go to this link. You can shop from my closet! These are pieces I don’t have room for anymore, don’t fit, or don’t fit my style anymore.


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