The Way We Are

The Way We Are – RPO



So this post has nothing to do with my and my roommate’s wonderful costume choice in this picture. If you don’t know who we are… we’re Ke$ha. Ke$ha Kitty and Ke$ha Camo. Also, we are seriously misunderstood girls, and it’s okay if you don’t really get it (:


No, today I am writing about dreams. In the literal sense of the word, dreams from sleeping.

I got my dream journal out today, because I decided I needed to start recording my dreams again! It’s been too long. I have some of the most epic dreams, I think I need to write a book with all of my dreams…

Anyways, I was cracking up when I came across a notebook in my dream that said this; (word for word).

Words of wisdom from a delusional dreamy Taylor… oh dear! “1. Crushes, they kind of go up and down like a stock market. 2. Control your hyperness. Cut down your sugar if you have to. 3. Life is hard. Move on.”

So there you have it, three life lessons from a girl who woke up once from a dream. Wrote this down, didn’t remember it when she woke up. WHAT IN THE WORLD?! I had to share, it was cracking me up!

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