King of the Road

King of the Road – She & Him

So there are two pretty solid rules that my parents gave my sisters and I. They are okay with piercings, hair dyed, hair cut, edgy clothing. Mostly they trust me and my sister’s judgement when it comes to various things. Dating technically wasn’t aloud till we were “16” and even then my parents tried to change it to “junior” year when they realized I was 16 by my Sophomore year. However, it was never a SOLID rule.

There are 2 rules though that should NEVER be broken in my house.

(Dad’s Rule)1. No TATTOOS (if you were to get one, basically you are cut off from any financial help. You have officially decided to be on your own (basically at this moment in my life I am not ready to find out how serious this is. )

The Second

(Mom’s Rule)2. No motorcycles- very dangerous. I am not exactly sure how serious this rule is, but I imagine if I were still in High School I would be in pretty big trouble for riding one of these… Honestly, I know how dangerous they can be. I accept this, but really how BA are they?!

So last night I broke rule number 2… and put my life in my friend N’s hands. Honestly, it was great and I would totally do it again. Although part of the time I couldn’t help but think about how bad it would be to be thrown by the cycle at high speed, nothing to protect you, but your helmet. It’s a scary thought! Can you imagine how much that would hurt if you didn’t actually die first? Trust me, you can imagine this even better when you are actually whizzing through the night with the wind whipping around your legs and hair. However, you get past that feeling because honestly at that point there is nothing you can do about it if it were to happen. So, you enjoy the moment and take in the wind, stars, and wide open road.

I can now officially check riding a motorcycle off my bucket list. (Oh and I would totally do it again in a heart beat)

Screen shot 2013-09-27 at 12.47.12 PM

So when my mom finally learns about this, she can rest assured that I am still alive. Hope I will never do it again, and tell me there are some things she would rather not know about.

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