U Can’t Touch This

U Can’t Touch This – The Hit Crew


Today I was looking through a few of my favorite blogs and stumbled upon this post. I have found that there is something special about Traveling and connecting you to other people. Even if you never talk to these people, there is something special shared between you. You have both been to the same incredible {city, town, monument, museum, etc.} and there is a shared joy about finding this out. 

394885_10151383345771578_1458556498_n 312473_10151396217566578_623227992_n 263335_4585765919394_165608993_n 486205_4585823680838_54908365_n 398106_4585751879043_1866143388_n 405993_10151415550279314_474599041_n 309602_4808303318267_88740578_n 421156_10151415553659314_1191895595_n 73361_10151415569674314_1889200382_n


A trip to Greece (these pictures are from Athens). What a special time in my life! 

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