Ain’t No Reason

Ain’t No Reason – Brett Dennen


Guys, Let me just tell you about my life right now. Right now I’m living in a house that I will be living with 5 of my best friends later. Right now though, it’s just me. This is fine and dandy until about 9:30 (When the sun has gone down) and all of the sudden I can hear like an elephant. (I just looked up what animals have great hearing, supposedly elephants can hear extremely well. I like elephants a lot so I’m going to go with it.)



Anyways, it’s really scary so I have resorted to carrying my phone and a knife or scissors (whichever is closest) around with me when I have to go into a different room. Now I’m sure you all think I’m the creepy one, but it makes me feel much safer. Mostly by the time it’s dark I grab a bunch of snacks and water, head up to my room and click both of my locks into place.


On top of being totally freaked out, our yard is also EXTREMELY scary. Not because of the above reasons, but because it sort of looks like a jungle. When I got back I’m pretty sure we let it go for about a Month. A month filled with rain and nice weather…

You can't even tell how bad it is from this picture...

You can’t even tell how bad it is from this picture…

We have the most JANK mower. It has feelings and sometimes it decides it’s to tired or grumpy to actually turn on. Basically I was able to mow once and now our front yard is roughly mowed (with weeds around the edges up the wazoo) and our backyard has a strip mowed in it…

I’m not sure if it looks worse now that I have sort of mowed, or when I first arrived.

Other than trying to take care of our house, I have been writing papers, taking quizzes, and reading texts. Oh how I despise Summer School! One more year, (it’s a scary thought!)

I did have some time to make some pretty pillows for our porch:



Also, our house is extremely hot! So I have been enjoying my days at the gym in the air conditioning and the campus library, which has WONDERFUL air and wifi! I brought a sweater and socks so I wouldn’t get so cold. When I step outside after my many hours here I usually enjoy the sun for about 5 minutes!

enjoying the air

The End.

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