Carousel –  Vanessa Carlton

Day 1 of  the Vog Fam #epicnorthwesttrip

We started our first day in San Francisco, California.


We set off for our first adventure to see the Golden Gate Bridge. [I crossed a lot of things off my bucket list on this trip (:  ]


IMG_2297 We just drove across, but my friend (i feel like she is my friend even though we have never really talked- that’s how blogs make you feel sometimes!) over at HOPEFUL WANDERING had the right idea of riding bikes to it!

I learned on this trip my parents are very freaked out of heights, and long scary drops.

We also hit up Ghirardellii Square, and Fisherman’s Wharf. We had lunch at a fun food truck called THE MELT.


For dinner we ate at Racco’s Cafe and if you are a dinner, drive-in, dive fan you might have heard about it (:

My highlight though (besides the Golden Gate Bridge)

Princess Diaries School- on Lyon Street & The Full House house (:

IMG_2331 I became very very giddy about this sight. I am kind of a big Princess Diaries (PD2) fan!

IMG_2327 Of course I am also a big Full House fan (:


My Four Square Check-Ins:

* DoubleTree

* Vista Point


*Rocco’s Cafe

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