Lego House

Lego House- Ed Sheeran

Throw Back Thursday!



In High School, my Economics class does a hands-on project that mimics a small business. While we are running our own business, we are practicing and learning what happens in the real world and all the Economic terms. (As a future teacher, I love this project!)

It always got really intense between the cookie companies. Sorry I forgot to mention, there are about 6 companies that sell cookies before and after school and are competing against each other. The companies usually revolve around some type of pop culture phenomenon (Gangnam style, The Bernie, Jersey Shore, etc.) We create commercials, advertisements, etc.

Oreo Balls are the MUST SELL item. Along with selling Oreo balls, Cake Batter cookies tend to do well.

Basically… my company dominated. We came up with the idea to wear and sell T-shirts. We also made the most revenue (and a lot at that!) It was great because even though I put so much time and effort into a school project, I ended up getting rewarded with both a good grade & money!

Anyways, this is a picture of a few of my “company employees” fist pumping and selling cookies.


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