The Beautiful Letdown

The Beautiful Letdown – Switchfoot

S. A. G. 

SAG event (:

SAG event (:

My friends and I created our own group freshman year called SAG. It stands for Single Awareness Group. We go to a small christian college, and if you haven’t heard much about these- let me tell you EVERYONE (or at least it feel like it) is Searching for a husband/wife. Honestly some come here for that one reason in mind.

The problem is (well there are a bunch) that the girl-to-guy ratio is terrible for us girls. Another problem, what’s the rush? I mean really, the goal in life should not be to find a spouse, that’s not going to complete you and make your life a happily ever after. The problem is the mindset it gives our campus, it makes everyone a little crazy during the spring!

   Have you heard the phrase… Ring Before Spring?

It’s a thing on my campus.


Anyways, I would just like to say I am still a proud member of S.A.G. and to all my single ladies out there and are worried about finding “the one”, relax. Live your life, stop worrying and have fun! Eventually you will meet a man who absolutely adores you, and pursues you because let’s face it, we’re beautiful, funny, and full of laughter, fun and life. So while you are single, go out and live a little. Hopefully you will learn more about yourself, and have wonderful stories to tell your husband.

No matter what your relationship status is, go out and live your life and have some crazy adventures!

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