You Got What I Need

You Got What I Need – Joshua Radin

2013-02-24 23.52.51


If you haven’t picked up on this, I am a future teacher and am studying Elementary Education right now. Right now one of the classrooms I am observing and practice teaching in is with 5th graders. We started the Revolutionary War and thanks to Pinterest I was able to do this fun activity to start us off!

It was so funny to see how they reacted to their classmates, our King was very graceful and realized he did not want his classmates upset with him for taxing them. I also liked being able to refer back to the activity when explaining different concepts.


If you have any great lesson plan ideas (1st-6th grade) any subject, send them my way! I love having a multiple of ideas to refer to when I am thinking of exciting ways to teach the standards and concepts students need to learn.

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