Rocket Man

Rocket Man – Elton John

My Dorm Room Decorations.

Right now my room is in a bit of a disaster zone (from 1 being completely destroyed by a tornado and 10 being presentable to the Queen of England) I would put it at 4 or 5. I have definitely seen worse, but I also have seen way better!

Although it can be hard to settle into a place for less than a year and make it your own, knowing you will have to take it all down at the end of the “year”, I think it’s important to make it into somewhere you want to be!

I get most of my inspiration through pictures and things I see, online, in the store, or wherever I am. So hopefully this will inspire someone out there, needing to see a couple of ideas to be inspired to create their own ideas!


2013-03-13 16.54.32

Heater system, on the way out the door

2013-03-13 16.54.41

Old photos hanging from decorated clothes pins on colorful string, above the couch.

2013-03-13 16.54.49 2013-03-13 16.54.56 2013-03-13 16.55.09 2013-03-13 16.55.48

Under the Bed, quotes by magazine letter cut-outs.

2013-03-13 16.56.03

Jewelry holders, also from Goodwill!

2013-03-13 16.56.21 2013-03-13 16.56.27 2013-03-13 16.56.41

More handmade decorations for around the bed, or a blank wall. Spice of color, and magazine clippings of things and places I like or enjoy looking at.

2013-03-13 16.53.11 2013-03-13 16.53.23

Goodwill Finds are great! Go on the 1/2 off Saturdays, pick a color theme and then an idea of things you like (I like antique things, cats, and bird print. My color scheme is red, yellow, and grey with light blue accents, a little orange, and brown.)

2013-03-13 16.53.46 2013-03-13 16.53.56




I did find some pictures I took at the beginning of the year (when my bed was made everyday)

This picture is the end of the hallway of our dorm that I decorated (:

523438_10151023840761497_152905972_n 523582_10151031766736497_1914595362_n 421663_10151031149511497_720676473_n

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