No One

No One – Alicia Keys

My lovely and breathtaking trip to South Dakota. South Dakota exceeded my expectations, because going into the trip my expectations were a little low. If you love to hike, and go on adventures- the West is for you (or at least it’s West from where I live). I could have spent hours at the Badlands, hiking, exploring, and enjoying the wonderful weather we had. The view was amazing and the hiking exciting, and the wind and heights exhilarating. Mt. Rushmore was everything I thought it would be, and everything you probably could imagine in your own head. It’s wonderful to see it in person finally though. It makes me feel more accomplished with my U.S. historic endeavors.  I also fulfilled a little of my Country Girl desires on the trip and rode horses in the beautiful prairies. The horses were also a little more wild and less tame, since they don’t have many strangers come and ride them. It was terrifying and happy and the same time. Have you ever been to Walldrug? The biggest (I can’t even think of the word – a walgreens or cvs, or a pharmacy or something.) It was incredible and much more than I expected. It was much more Western and rustic than I pictured it, but much more inviting as well. We came at a good time, it was hardly crowed since we came at the off season. They had a restaurant in it where I had my first buffalo burger, 5 cent coffee, a book shop, and all sorts of fun trinkets. We made fried bread at the church we stayed at, and I made great friends with the granddaughter of the pastors there. We had fun playing tick-tak-toe, making fried bread, blowing bubbles, and coloring. There is a lot to do, and very little to do all at the same time. Everything is so spread out and lots of fun, but there is lots of driving involved. There is a lot of sitting around, and a lot of fun to be had if you are with friends. I have some great memories from my time there and eventually I want to go back to the Badlands to hike! I also want some more Fry Bread at some point in my life (:


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