This Year’s Love

This Year’s Love – David Gray


I was inspired by the “Caffeinated Brunette”

to write my own 2013 Bucket List.

Taylor’s 2013 Bucket List

1. Watch the best 100 movies of all time (according to this site: )

2. Have a First Date

3. Work out for at least 10 min. everyday (more would be awesome!)

4. Visit 3 New States

5. Go White Water Rafting

6. Try a unique food that you wouldn’t consider trying before

7. Dance under the stars

8. Dance in the rain

9. Meet someone famous (preferably a member of NCIS cast, or Jesus Culture (Kim Walker or Chris Quilala)


10. Learn Guitar

11. Make friends with 5 strangers (on the street, in another country/state, blogger)

12. Write more letters!

13. Road Trip

14. Go to a Diner/Drive-in/Dive from the show

15. Break a plate on the ground (or a couple for that matter)

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