Harry’s Wondrous World

Harry’s Wondrous World – Harry Potter Soundtrack


I am currently in the middle of reading the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling and loving them! I have never seen the movies or read the books. I probably would have finished the series within a week if I was not in the middle of the craziest and busiest semester in my college life. I have read 1-4 up to this point. My incentive to finish all my crazy and big projects is that I get to start up again with the 5th book once I am done!

On black Friday I made my way out to Walmart at 8p.m. (Black Thursday).

On a completely unrelated topic, I am very disappointed the times are so early for Black Friday now. My mom and I started participating in Black Friday 3 or so years ago and had so much fun doing all the crazy stuff at 3 in the morning! I think our new plan for next year is to hit up Walmart early for the movies, then go back to bed. Then go out at 3 and hope the crowds have died down a little before they get crazy again. Sounds like a good plan right??

Anyways, I went to Walmart for Black Friday and got all 8 Harry Potter movies for $2 each! It was extremely exciting, because now that I have started reading them and watching Emma Watson Youtube clips I cannot wait to see the movies (I’m kind of a really big movie fan!) So over Thanksgiving I couldn’t resist and I watched movies 1-4 all in one day! Don’t worry I left the other movies at home while I’m at school. I am the type of person who has to read the book first!

The books always give more detail and depth into the plot and characters. The movie is just the bonus, not worse, but different. I feel like reading the book first is always the best way to do it though. Once you have seen the movie, you know what will happen in the book and the thrill of reading and all those details somehow become less important.

When I go into a movie, I don’t expect it to be the same as the book. I just enjoy noticing the differences and am delighted when I think they have portrayed a character or scene perfectly to how I read it.

Isn’t that the great thing about books? Our imaginations are so great and creative that the movies just can’t quite do them justice. We are able to think outside of the box, and everyone’s book experience is a little different. Even though it’s the same story, we all see it a little differently.

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