Blah Blah Blah

Blah Blah Blah -Ke$ha

365 days of outfits. From cute, to comfy, to boring, to cheap, to expensive, to deals. Get some ideas, comment on how you would never wear that, and join me in my day to day outfits (:

*There will be repeats.


Day 1.

Blue Dress- Express
Floral Black Tights- Express
Black bow shoes
Bow head band

Day 2.

Justin Bieber blue Shirt- Hot topic? $15
Blue Blazer- Forever 21 $20
Skinny Jeans- American Eagle $30-40
Polo tennis shoes- Macy’s?

Day 3.

Striped Cardigan- Forever 21 $15
Grey tank- Gap $8
Jeans- American Eagle

Day 4.

Grey Cardigan- Express $35
Blue ballet flats- Express $20
Floral Dress- Francessca’s $5

Day 5.

Ugly/awesome sweater- Goodwill $5
Skinny Jeans/Jeggings- American Eagle $35
Tall brown boots- Macy’s- black Friday sale: $40
Grey leg warmers- Forever 21 $7

Day 6.

Cream Cardigan- Goodwill $5
Blue denim shirt- Target $15
Floral print scarf- Express $10
American Eagle Skinny Jeans
Grey Leg Warmers- Forever 21
Tall brown boots- Macy’s $40

Gold leave earrings- Francesca’s
Bow headband- Forever 21 $3

Day 7.

American Eagle Sweater $40
American Eagle Jeans
Grey leg warmers- Forever 21
Brown Boots- Macy’s

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