Where you Go I Go

Where you go – Kim Walker-Smith

Time for my Toms to get a little repair (: Sad to no longer have them all grey, but excited about the new splash of color!

My Hole-y Toms, they were ready to be thrown away or have a giant repair

I did my best to sew up the hole, then I patched it with a thicker fabric on the toe, and added glue to make sure my stitching was held into place.

I pinned my fabric down, sewed it up (most people use sewing glue or other sticky things for their fabric, but I decided to sew mine). I then used hot glue for the edges that I couldn’t get my needle into on the edges of the show front. I’m also hoping it prevents holes from forming as quickly.

I patched up the back hole as well and put a matching blue

Hope I gave you some inspiration for your own shoes, and check out those other blogs for on other ideas of how to patch up your shoes, and a No Sew way of recreating your TOMS (:

piece of fabric along the back of the shoe, but not all the way around it. I didn’t want to cover up the grey to much. I also glued a piece of fabric inside the shoe, you can see there. The fabric was wearing and tearing really bad there and I decided it would help my shoes last longer. You can’t see it really when I’m wearing the shoes, so it’s not perfect (:

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