Remind Me Who I Am

Remind Me Who I am – Jason Gray

Where I started today (: If you can’t tell it’s been pillow fest central around here! After today though I’ll have to move on to something different. Since my pillows and my sister’s pillows are all done!


I cut my grey piece into three pieces. You can decide how wide you want each part to be. Just make sure it is long enough to cover one side of the pillow!


Hem the sides.


Fold together, sew, then turn right side out again.


Sew up the middle, using one straight threw thread.


Once you get to the top of your fabric you will pull tight the thread, while pushing down the fabric.


Like so


Your bow should look like this. Then sew the middle more, to make it secure.


I took a piece of scrap fabric for the middle and tied it in the back. Then sewed down the back to make it secure.


I then sewed it on my thinner “ribbon” fabric


Sew down your background thick section, then place your bow/ribbon on the top.


Fold over your pillow fabric, so the pretty sides are facing each other and the bow is sandwiched in the middle. When you sew the sides of the pillow make sure you get your bow fabrics sewn on as well. (I also sewed the top part of my “ribbon piece” so it stayed more secure.


Vua La, your beautiful bow pillow!


Other pillow inspiration ideas?

One stripe. Hem the stripe, sew it on your flat fabric. Sandwich it just like your bow pillow, sew the sides, bring right side out and put your pillow in and then finish!


Tube Pillow: Cut two circles that are the same. Cut a rectangle sheet. sew the shorter edge of the sheet onto one of the circles. Then do the same on the other side. Place the long edge of the rectangle together and sew, leave and opening and stuff. Then sew shut (: It looks more difficult than it is!


Half and Half pillow, can go vertical or horizontal. Grab two fabrics, put the pretty sides together and sew. Keep the seem in the middle when you put together to sew up.


Hope you enjoyed the pillow fest.

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