Dorm Room

Dorm Room – Da G Twinz

Taylor’s Recommended Shopping List. For all your dorm room needs.


Laundry basket/bag. (If you are walking up more than one set of stairs I would recommend getting a bag with backpack straps on it. It makes it much easier to transport your laundry!)

Waste Basket- most dorms want you to use metal waste baskets.

Towels (at least 2), fuzzy and make sure they are long enough

Shower Caddy

Robe- Sometimes I just bring a robe with my towel so I don’t have to change until I get back into my room. Or I just walk down the halls in my towel 😉

Hair dryer



Cookie Sheet

Measuring Cups

Popcorn bowl/ Mixing bowl

Big spoon

Plastic silverware/ or silverware

a few bowls (for cereal, making mac n’ cheese, ramane noodles, etc.)

glasses for drinking water/juice in your room

to go cups w/ a straw and to go coffee cups- take on the run to classes, the library, etc.

Plates (have at least a few microwavable plates, and bowls)

Mugs for coffee

Chip clips- just a few

a few tupperware containers (just a few)

Water Filter (make sure it can fit in your fridge)

Storage organizers for dishes and snack food


Body Pillow- put next to your wall on your bed. Usually there is a little bit of a crack there.

Mattress Pad and Mattress cover

EXTRA long sheets (twin-usually)

Extra long bedding


Blanket- fuzzy, either on your bed or one you can use on your couch or chair or bring to a friend’s room.

Something to keep your shoes in, on, organized


Floor Lamp

Light for by your bed, mine is able to clip onto my bed

Little bag to attach to your bag to hold your phone, journal, mini flashlight, etc.

Over the door hooks- for jackets, wet towel, or scarves

Command Hooks

Surge protectors, extension cords, and power strips

Headphones, so you can watch movies, listen to music, etc. on your laptop w/out bothering your roommate(s)

Rug- Something that is comfortable to sit on


Find something to keep your books in. I use a crate, see if you have a bookshelf in your room or something




Markers/crayons/colored pencils (not needed for every major, I just like to use them for fun sometimes)



Lap desk



Printer- Either your own, share one with your roommate, or figure out how to put money on your print account at school

Rain boots (target always has fun ones)

Clorox Wipes

Swiffer/ or something to clean your floors.


Mini flashlight

1st aid kit- bandaids, Tylenol, medicine,

Over Night bag- going to visit friend’s house’s or going home for Thanksgiving/ or weekends, etc.

If you can, have a sleeping bag on hand. I keep mine in the car in case I need it.

Mini sewing kit

Light weight frames you can hang, or picture frames

Pictures to decorate your room with

Dry- erase markers

Your necessary Walmart Run 

Command strips




Shaving Cream


Make-up Remover



Mini Bug Spray

Paper towels/napkins

Dish soap (mini)

Feminine Products to last you a couple of times

Snack food, anything you can’t do without!


Microwave Popcorn

Milk & Cereal

Grab & Go breakfast bars

Peanut Butter

Coffee, sugar, cream

Food Ideas-






Celery, creamcheese/peanutbutter and raisins

(quesadillas) tortillas and cheese

easy mac

Couple frozen meals (I like to have these on hand during the winter in case it’s to ridiculous outside to go get food)

*Keep your empty plastic bags from the store to use as your garbage bags throughout the year. Place in your trashcan and then once full take out your trash on your way to class.

*If your laundry is not free make sure to remember quarters to start your year off!


Hopefully this will get you started and remind you of other things you may need! Remember, when you first move in you will most likely make at LEAST two Walmart/ Target/ or Meijer runs. Hope this helped! Have fun (: Ask me if you have any other questions!


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