Sewing Machine

Sewing Machine -Chicks on Speed

I decided to try something different than my typical Pink and Black bedding I have been using at school- so here is the makings of my new dorm room (:

My good ol’ sewing machine- can’t believe it keeps working (:

Want to learn how to make a queen size duvet cover?!

You will need 10 yards of fabric, yardstick, scissors and pins.
Step1: cut out all your pieces of fabric.
Cut 3 Wide Panels: 45″ wide by 89″ long
Cut 2 Narrow Panels: 25 1/2″ by 89″long
(I always wait to see what scraps I have left and cut 16 ties about 2″ wide and 9″long, but you can vary this depending on what you want and how much fabric you have!)

You are going to sew your panels together now. You will want to sew your panels in this order; one narrow panel, three wide panels, and then last the second narrow panel. Place the right sides of the fabric together and then sew. I used fabric that didn’t have a right side, so I didn’t have to worry about this as much. Just make sure your seems are all on the same side of the fabric!

Here is a picture from my book of how your fabric should be laid out.

Step 3: Sew the Duvet cover. You are going to fold the long piece of fabric you have made in half (pretty side folded in together). Your two tiny panels should match up and two wide panels should match together. Then you just have to sew up the sides, making sure the edges are straight.

Also, once that is complete make sure that you hem your opening. Fold over your edge about 1″ toward the WRONG side of your fabric, pin and sew.

Your last step is your ties. You can do these however you like. I like to sew mine around the outside edges so they don’t fray. This time I sewed the middle too, giving it more character. Place your ties around the opening so that they match up with a partner. Sew them onto your duvet (on the NON pretty side of your fabric.

I like to add my own step at the end. I create ties on the corners and side of my duvet and sew them on. Then on my comforter I place temporary ties on the corners and sides. When I am putting my duvet in I tie it to the ties inside. This keeps it from moving all over the place! You can also use buttons or velcro!

And you should be all done! Now keep in mind my skills are at sewing and creating… not writing. Let me know if you have any confusions and I would be glad to offer some helpful hints. Also, buy the book Simple Sewing by Lotta Jansdotter for her tutorial that helps me do this duvet. And remember I’m not an expert and make lots of mistakes, just roll with it. I think most anything can be fixed if you put your mind to it (:

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