For all of those you still in need of a fish tail braid tutorial here is my mini version. Honestly, I don’t want to be one of those girls who give youtube beauty advice. However, I love that there are girls out there who do that because that is where I learned this braid as well as many other fun things to do with my hair… including making it into a bow! Now I must say these are my least attractive pictures since I literally just got out of the shower and this is me without make-up, but that’s not a uncommon look for me (:

wet hair= more controlled braid and less fly-aways
dry hair= looser and I personally like the way the braid looks better

Pin your bangs before to keep them out of your way, or you can wait till after if you want to style them into the braid

Pull your hair to where you want the braid to be, usually I do the side fish tail braid, but you can do the back of your head, it’s more difficult to do on yourself that way. Others will fishtail ponytails.

Step 1: split your hair into TWO equal pieces

Step 2: Take a small piece from the back/side of one of your two pieces. The smaller the piece the more it looks like a fish tail and less like a regular braid. Try to make all your pieces as similar in size as you can.

Step 3: Pull that little piece from the back of your 1st piece and forward over the first piece and then over the second piece. You are going to add that piece to your #2 piece.

Like this, if you can tell…

Step 4: Now you are going to take a small piece (smaller than mine) from your second piece. Again you want to try to get it from the back, this way it is crossing over the piece you just brought over to this side.

Step 5: Just like before you are going to bring it across the front and over to the other side. and then add it

You basically just keep taking pieces from your two main pieces and bringing them to the other side. you should begin to see their criss cross pattern and understand how the braid is supposed to work. You will [most likely] have to practice a couple of times to get it how you want it. Sometimes I get lazy, like today and my pieces get a little big and my braid looks like a normal 3 piece braid :/ ha

Well I hope that either helped or you were amused by these marvelous pictures!

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